May 28, 2008

AdBrite AdBrite updates and tips and tricks: Drive more conversions with site-level optimization

You may already know that you can use Adbrite site-level transparency to optimize your ads on a site-by-site basis within a network campaign.

It's one of the things that makes AdBrite unique, and can help you maximize conversions at your target CPA (cost-per-action).

But, ever wonder exactly how it's done? We've collected some tips from our best and brightest at AdBrite.

Lots of ad providers talk about transparency, but AdBrite delivers a level of transparency and control that you won't find elsewhere.

Advertisers can see every site on which they've run, and how their ads performed on each of those sites. Publishers can view every ad that's run on their sites, how that ad has performed, and approve or reject individual ads.

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