Nov 11, 2007

Web design and SEO: the eternal debate

Design and focuses on the aesthetic aspect. SEO text focuses on the quality and quantity. The Web designers are not really clutter in their draft text. They prefer to see the images are distinguished by their own means. SEO, on the other hand do not like a lot of pictures. Of course, an image can be optimized for the search engines, adding alt attributes and titles, but that was not enough for a site to be properly optimized. Page copy still plays the most important role in optimizing website SEO.
As the owner, you are caught in the middle of this conflict. For your website, you must convert to both the design and optimization. There is no middle way. You can not have a bit of this and a little of that and still be competitive. You can not have just one or two. Without optimizing your site is invisible to the search engines, and thus potential customers. On the other hand, without good design your site, but not invisible, but nothing will get hits. Web users are picky and they found nothing of interest on your site, they will simply surf to another site.

Having a beautiful site can find, it's like having a store and keep the doors locked. You know it is there, you have done a great job decorating, the products are waiting for customers, and yet no one comes in.

When you pay for the design of Web sites are not automatically assume that by paying thousands of dollars on a layout you will be a success on the Web. The Web is a highly competitive place. There are already thousands of entrepreneurs who, like you, to invest in the design and the hope of becoming the new "." Without online marketing (SEO is an important part of the discipline), all of these entrepreneurs will remain in the shadows, with their beautiful sites closed to the world.

SEO is the key to this virtual door, you must open to your customers. It is important that we look at this tool when you first design your site. Web design and SEO need not be enemies. There are enough professional organizations that employ both SEO and web designers, who work together to develop a good website, a site that is ready SEO, accessible and legible with any browser. You just need to take your time, research and send a few questions. Then choose the company that answers your questions in a timely manner, the importance of choosing the company that clearly demonstrates the ability to design with the W3C standards and a good understanding of the realities and trends online.

Then balance the content with visual appearance should not be a difficult task. In addition to the graphics you must choose the fonts itself, in a readable format, with colors that harmonize with the site development, and so on. If your site is not ready SEO of the first phase of project, you face additional costs after you launch. SEO loan means a site that is coded (errors in the HTML research could stop some crawlers and indexing your site correctly), with a good seaworthiness and good internal liaison structure .

On the other hand, SEO and appearance are not the only characteristics of a good site. Brand conscious businesses should look at the whole image: instead of discussing what is better online entrepreneurs should ask themselves what works best to convert visitors into customers.

Studies show that more optimized page can be harmful to the user-experience for people with disabilities. For example, many things SEO alt attributes of the image and their substitutes with keywords. The blind and other visually impaired people who use screen readers to access the Web and read the pages can not see the pictures, and instead of listening to a description of the image, it will hear ... Absurdity.

On the usability and accessibility are just as important as the design and optimization. Curiously images are better for usability. They give focus to the design and when properly optimized to provide less congested website content. Problems arise when the images slow loading times, but with the use of CSS loading time should not be a major concern.

As search engines prefer sites load quickly, it is easy to understand why good start coding and optimization are so important. Poor coding raises many other problems aside loading time and could lead to higher costs when you need to update your site, especially when the administrator of your site is not the one who created your site.

About the Author: Mihaela Lica used to be a military journalist, worked six years as a freelance reporter for the Romanian National Radio Station (ROR) and four years in the Public Relations Direcorate of the Romanian Ministry of Defense. Since 2002 she is a PR consultant in Germany. For more SEO articles visit Ewritings.

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