Nov 7, 2007

The new law provides that the risk for women

ALTHOUGH something kind, as the "oldest profession" there is nothing more degrading for a woman, as to sell their bodies to live. Many do so because they are deeply rooted social problems that continue regular work almost impossible. And those who can not find work in the relative safety saunas and Bordello end of the lower part of the industry-wide for the satisfaction of sexuality from the other on street corners.

But if that was not enough a procession of life, it would be a more dangerous one. Figures, the Evening News of the week in this show that the number of attacks on prostitutes has nearly doubled since it was announced that the laws on prostitution were too hard. Last week, we showed that in the space of one month, 400 drivers were arrested by the police and to attract attention, from last Monday, it was a crime for the buyer and the seller for businesses. LINK

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