Nov 4, 2007

Adsense Payment Method throght Western Union

Mungkin sebagian pelaku Adsense Publisher sudah tahu ini. Walau begitu ada baiknya informasinya saya tulis lagi sebagai referensi buat saya dan yang belum tahu bahwa sekarang ternyata metode pembayaran earning Adsense bisa dilakukan melalui methode transfer via Western Union.

Payments will be available for pickup at your local Western Union agent the day after they are issued, according to our normal payment schedule. It's free to receive your AdSense payments by Western Union; you'll no longer need to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. this choice can also cut down on bank fees and long clearing times associated with depositing checks

Sayangnya untuk sementara metode pembayaran masih hanya berlaku untuk publisher yang berasal dari negara; Argentina, Chile, China (Mainland), Colombia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, or Romania;

Before you sign up, please keep these important points in mind:

  • As mentioned above, Western Union Quick Cash is only available in Argentina, Chile, China (Mainland), Colombia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, and Romania. We'll be sure to let you know if we're able to offer new payment options to additional publishers.

  • This payment method is currently only available to individual payee names; we can't offer it to businesses. - You'll need to bring your government-issued ID to pick up your payment, so please make sure that your AdSense account payee name exactly matches that of your ID. Please contact us if you need to update the payee name in your account.

  • Payments must be picked up within 35 days of issuance or they will expire. If this happens, a payment hold will be placed on your AdSense account and the payment will be credited back to your account. - Payments will be made in US dollars, but depending on your local Western Union agent, they may be picked up in your local currency.

If you're ready to begin receiving your AdSense payments by Western Union Quick Cash, just follow these instructions. If you have additional questions before getting started, please review the information in our Help Center.

Posted by Suzie Rha - AdSense Publisher Support

Senang rasanya kalau ada adsense pulisher indonesia lainnya yang bisa berbagi informasi lebih lanjut tentang hal ini.

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